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Keep up-to-date with the latest in computer repair, tips, tricks, and technology with our blog. We have tons of posts from news in the latest technology to computer repair tips and everything in-between. Search our blog for your favorite posts or use the category search to jump to topics that interest you. If you do not find what you’re looking for, use the search located at the top-right of our site.

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Open Office Hits 100 Million Downloads Within 2 Years

Many of us thought the Open Office project would fade away and soon be forgotten. In 2011, the Oracle Open Office project and source code were donated to the tech incubator Apache. Since then, the project has had plenty of attention and now it is hitting a major milestone set […]

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The Heartbleed Bug – What You Should Know

This past Monday we learned about the Heartbleed bug, one of the biggest Internet threats affecting about two dozen networking devices. This includes servers, routers, switches, phones and video cameras used by thousands of individuals and businesses. What is Heartbleed? The bug can break SSL encryption – in other words, […]

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How To Get Organized and Be Productive Using The Cloud

With cloud services being so easily and inexpensively available, you and or your business should be using at least 1 of them by now. There are many benefits to utilizing cloud services to stay organized and productive. Implementing a cloud technology can help you streamline, assist in organizing your team, […]

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Windows XP Expiring Soon: What You Should Know

After many… many… great years of having Windows XP around Microsoft has finally announced they are ending all support for the dated operating system. Many of you are probably wondering what this actually means and what it mean to you? When I first heard of the news I immediately had […]

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Make The Switch From PC To Mac

Often times, I am asked what are the differences between Mac and PC from curious clients thinking about making the switch. Many people have experience with either one or the other but hardly ever with both. Most people I speak with think of Mac and PC as two different worlds […]

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Why SEO Is Important – The Basics To Search Engine Optimization

If you’re new to internet marketing you’re probably wondering what is SEO? Search Engine Optimization; SEO, is the means of preparing a strategy to get your website found on the first page of search engines. The dictionary term probably elaborates more on that but let’s face it, we could care […]

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Common IT Issues With Small Business Tech

As a small business owner, you may deal with many IT issues sometimes on a daily basis. Depending on the nature of your business, you may implement one or multiple technologies including WIFI, VOIP, workstations, networking, cloud, or a server. If you rely on technology to run your business, you’re […]

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